The presence of Fanavaran Sepaco in National Conference leaders in technology and energy.
Fanavaran Sepaco was selected as an observers the feasibility of Iran's National Carpet Center
Washable RFID Tags – Soon to be Tracking your Hotel Towels
Imagine this if you will, it’s about a week after your fabulous vacation to Miami, and you just finished washing your clothes, and all the really cool towels you stole form the pool area, when there’s a knock at your door, as you put the last towel on the shelf, the towel police take out your front door and rush up your front staircase.
Barcode Scanner Decodes Zebra stripes
The stripes of a zebra are intended to confuse and thwart carnivores to help prevent them from singling one out and attacking members of a herd. The problem with the stripes for the ecologists attempting to study zebras is that they look very similar. The only way to identify and track an individual animal to learn its behavior is visually or by sifting through zebra dung to get genetic information.
Fanavaran Sepaco received ISO 9001-2008 certified from ASCB England
Fanavaran Sepaco Company is attempted to implement service quality management system ISO9001-2008